12 Habits That Will Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable

The way that you start your morning has a significant impact on your whole day. Setting your intentions for the day and adopting healthy habits can positively affect your daily outlook.


Adopting a routine for the morning is the most effective way to take advantage of your body’s natural physiological needs or circadian rhythm; the daily 24-hour cycle that balances sleeping, eating and various other activities. Because of our circadian rhythm, our willpower is highest in the morning, making it the best time for acting on resolutions.


Make your mornings better by adopting these 12 Habits That Will Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable:

Pouring tea


1. Have a morning drink ritual

Enjoy the simple luxury of a hot tea, your favorite cold-pressed juice or latte from a restaurant in your neighborhood before you head into work. Having a go-to drink in the morning is an easy way to collect yourself and allow some additional time to wake up.

2. Read from an inspirational book

Disconnect from technology and start your morning with a book. Reading that builds awareness of yourself is a straightforward way to incorporate self-care into your morning routine.

Doing yoga

3. Get a good stretch in

Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles, and it also releases endorphins that bring about feelings of general well-being and relaxation.

4. Set your intentions for the day

Choose one thing you want to accomplish for the day (that you don’t usually do) and create a mental note. Channeling energy towards your intention will open you up to having a more meaningful day.

5. Reflect on the things you are grateful for

Gratitude exercises are a simple way to start your day with a positive, winning attitude. Focusing on the things in your life that bring you joy will help you get into the appropriate mindset to tackle the day.

6. Journal

Use your morning to layout thoughts and ideas onto a fresh page. Adopt a bullet journal to streamline and organize plans, tasks, and notes. You can also jot down anything and everything that comes to mind through longhand, stream of consciousness writing. This type of free form writing will provoke clarity and help you synchronize your day if done every morning.

Lady with headphones on and laptop

7. Make a morning playlist

Music is a great motivator in the morning! Tunes get you moving and energized so throw together your favorite albums and listen while you get your morning started.

8. Meditate

Set your mental clarity by following a guided meditation. Apps like Headspace will help you guide your breathing and reach relaxation during a quick 5-15-minute meditation session.

9. Practice Envisioning Success

Every time you start a new project, you envision what success looks like, so why not do the same for your day? Reflect on how a great day would play out for you. It has been proven that people who imagine their goals tend to be more likely to achieve them.

10. Enjoy Nature

Get outside, enjoy the sunrise and listen to the birds. This is the perfect chance to spend some time unplugged and stimulate your creativity. Inhaling cool, dewy air causes deeper inhalations that signal it is time to wake up for your body and brain.

11. Hydrate

Water makes up 60% of our body weight. Your body relies on water to survive! That’s why it’s essential to drink the appropriate amount of water every single day. Health benefits include more energy, increased levels of brain function, and weight loss.

Waffles and peaches

12. Eat Breakfast

It can be hard to leave the comfort of your bed every morning but, eating a breakfast you enjoy can help motivate you to wake up and start your morning the right way! Making breakfast a mindful meal no matter what you decide to eat is a great morning motivator. Physiologically, going without breakfast leads to reduced concentration and memory. Additionally, breakfast restores your glucose levels which is vital for optimal brain function.

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