Featured Artisan: Aurai Air Extracted Water

Aurai Air Extracted Water


The ARTISAN, a new restaurant in the Dallas Arts District, is committed to supporting its community by providing quality products and services sourced locally from trusted partners while building meaningful relationships with those around us. Our commitment to bring the freshest ingredients to your meal extends to the bottled beverages in the ARTISAN Craft Kitchen. Meet Aurai, the newest and arguably the best way to produce bottled water!


Aurai Air Extracted Water

What is Aurai?

Aurai is fresh-tasting bottled water that is drawn right out of the air. It sounds a bit like science fiction, but it is a real extraction process that currently exists. Outside of Houston, Texas, close to the Gulf of Mexico, Aurai’s factory obtains water from the unusually humid air. Even though droughts have become common in parts of the U.S., including Texas, using this eco-friendly technology, water doesn’t need to be taken from local water systems – giving local aquifers a break! It is not only a great idea, but it could also change the way we view water in the future.

Aurai has a dream to establish versions of this water extraction system in places where clean water is scarce and provide wholesome water to those who need it most. The company is also striving to use reclaimed plastic for their bottles.

“We chose the name ‘ARTISAN’ because that’s the backbone of our restaurant,” said John Gilbert, Founder of the ARTISAN, “We are proud to support Aurai, a company that provides a unique and delicious product that reflects our mission to remain sustainable, socially conscious and eco-friendly.”

Try a bottle of Aurai at the ARTISAN today!

The Artisan is located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District at the KPMG Plaza at Hall Arts. Our market-style restaurant offers a stylish and fun environment where guests can enjoy fresh, locally-sourced foods prepared on-site daily by our incredible culinary team.

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