The ARTISAN: Fresh, Locally Sourced Food in Dallas

The Artisan is in the heart of the Dallas Arts District

The ARTISAN joins the Dallas Arts District with a commitment to supporting our community by providing quality products and services sourced locally from trusted partners while building lasting and meaningful relationships with those around us. The secret to the delicious food at the ARTISAN is the combination of the superb caliber of our ingredients and our talented culinary team.

We would like to introduce you to a few of our favorite artisans who provide us with spice blends, handmade cheese and farm fresh, specialty produce.


Pendery’s World of Chiles and Spices,Locally Sourced Food in Dallas

Pendery’s World of Chiles and Spices

Pendery’s was founded in 1870 when DFW was literally known as the Wild West. According to legend, Pendery’s invented the first blended chili powder for camp cooks of cattle drives and stagecoach lines. Through the years, their reputation has only grown – for good reason. They consistently produce high-quality spices and herbs that are fresh, perfectly blended, and robust. Pendrey’s has several locations – one that is right here in Downtown Dallas! An entire room of the store is dedicated to chili spice blends and dried peppers. It overflows with large selections of BBQ rubs and blended spices for different types of dishes. From allspice to turmeric, almost every spice used at The ARTISANcomes from Pendery’s. During menu development, our Executive Chef Jones Reeder worked closely with Pendery’s to create custom blends as well as Cajun, Italian and Mexican seasonings to use at the ARTISAN.


The Dallas Mozzarella Company ,Locally Sourced Food in Dallas

The Dallas Mozzarella Company

The Dallas Mozzarella Company has been part of the Dallas epicurean scene for over 35 years. Created by CEO Paula Lambert to bring a little bit of Italy to Texas, the Mozzarella Company has grown from producing exclusively mozzarella to a large, creative selection of over 30 cheese products. All their cheeses are handmade by trained craftspeople. The secret to the perfect cheese is high-quality milk, sourced locally. The goats or cows must feed off the right type of grass to intensify the flavor of the cheese. For hands-on fun, cheese making classes are offered along with cheese and wine pairings. To taste the Dallas Mozzarella Company’s delicious cheeses at the ARTISAN, order our Margarita Flatbread made with flavorful Smoked Mozzarella or our Smoked Penne Pasta Salad made with Scamorza cheese. Their robust Deep Elm Blue Cheese can be found on the ARTISAN’s Beef and Blue Flatbread as well as our Bacon Blue Cheese Potato Salad.

Reeves Family Farm ,Locally Sourced Food in Dallas

Reeves Family Farm

A few miles outside of McKinney sits the Reeves Family Farm. Even though it’s only an hour away from Dallas, it feels like a different world. Green fields abound in the area, home to many farms and ranches. Aaron and Stacey Reeves and their three children live and work on the farm. Their store carries their own seasonal produce as well as produce and goods from other local farms and craftsmen. You can find products like okra, red potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, honey, grass-fed ground beef, and freshly roasted coffee in the store. The Reeves Family Farm’s network of farmers and craftspeople keep their store full of a variety of foodstuffs, all sustainable and organic, year-round. The ARTISAN’s culinary team source seasonal produce from the Reeves Family Farm. Most of the time, their squash, sweet onions, and cantaloupe can be found in our dishes. Moving into winter, you’ll find beets and brussels sprouts from this farm.

“The impact of quality ingredients can’t be denied. We source from locally owned businesses to provide the freshest components for our dishes,” said John Gilbert, Founder of the ARTISAN, “We chose the name “Artisan” because that’s the backbone of our restaurant. We offer by far the best local food in Dallas. Artisans, specialists in their crafts, creating the ingredients which enhance the flavors of our finished products, the dishes we are proud to set before you.”

The Artisan is located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District at the KPMG Plaza at Hall Arts. Our market-style restaurant offers a stylish and fun environment where guests can enjoy fresh, locally-sourced foods prepared on-site daily by our incredible culinary team.

The Terrace Bar is the perfect setting to enjoy handcrafted cocktails, premium wines, and local craft beers with an incredible view of the beautiful Dallas Arts District. Visitors to the Hall Arts Plaza can enjoy bistro-style coffee service provided by The Artisan at our modern kiosk, located in the lobby of the KPMG Tower.

Our beautiful event spaces at the Terrace Bar and Sculpture Walk host upscale gatherings for our corporate clients, social events, and the arts community.